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Orthopedic SurgeonRobotic Hip & Knee Replacement
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Dr. Christopher W. Palmer is a distinguished specialist in Robotic Total Joint Replacement surgery, performing more robotic total joints than anyone in Missouri. Dr. Palmer brings cutting-edge care to the St. Louis area.

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Utilizing robotic-arm technology, hip and knee replacement surgeries can be performed with precision through smaller incisions compared to conventional procedures.

Benefits of Robotic Joint Replacement
  • Patient Specific Joint Replacement
  • Improved Precision
  • Smaller incisions
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Reduced tissue injury/scarring
  • Shorter hospital stay and faster recovery
  • Improved implant longevity
  • High patient satisfaction

Recover in the comfort of home with rapid recovery joint replacement!

Out of Town Patients

Dr. Palmer and his team are happy to provide concierge care for patients from out of town. During your stay, we will ensure that you and your family are as comfortable as possible.

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What Our Patients Are Saying
I would highly recommend Dr Palmer
  • My husband and I are receiving treatment from Dr Palmer and staff at both locations. My husband is having shoulder replacement, and I just had knee su...

  • Staff was polite and efficient-not distracted. Dr. Palmer’s nurse and the doctor himself spent time with me. Radiology in-house with great techs-got...

  • Dr, Palmer was very caring & patient. Explained my procedure from start to finish. Explaining in medical terms, but in a way I understood. His confide...

  • The Crucial Role of Robotics in Hip Replacement
    The Crucial Role of Robotics in Hip Replacement

    Surgeons perform over half a million hip replacements annually in the US, providing a definitive solution to help people with hip arthritis stay active.1 Let’s explore the crucial role that robotics plays in hip replacement surgery, revolutionizing the way these procedures are performed and improving patient outcomes.

  • Patient Satisfaction After Same-Day Knee Replacement
    Patient Satisfaction After Same-Day Knee Replacement

    The number of knee replacements performed in outpatient settings, also known as same-day knee replacements, has surged over the past few decades.1 Patient satisfaction with these procedures remains high.2

  • Patient-Centric Knee Replacement
    Patient-Centric Knee Replacement

    Imagine getting back to the activities you love with newfound ease and confidence, whether it's hiking, dancing, or catching that next big fish. A patient-centric approach to knee surgery helps those suffering with severe arthritis reclaim their quality of life after knee replacement.

  • Not Ready for Joint Replacement: Advanced Arthritis Pain Management
    Not Ready for Joint Replacement: Advanced Arthritis Pain Management

    Are you living with joint pain, but not quite ready for joint replacement surgery? Joint pain doesn't have to lead you straight to the operating room. Let's explore advanced arthritis pain management options that are non-invasive yet incredibly effective.

  • Choose Robotic Joint Replacement
    Why Choose Robotic Joint Replacement?

    As we live longer and lead increasingly active lives, joint replacement surgery is becoming a common choice. The abundance of options available can make it challenging to select the right type of joint replacement for your condition. Let’s look at how robotic technology is changing the joint replacement landscape and why it might be your best choice.

  • Recover at Home After Same Day
    Recover at Home After Same Day Hip Replacement

    Change can be a good thing - especially when it comes to joint replacement! Individuals needing hip replacement today have much better options than their grandparents or parents. Most healthy patients who need a new hip can say goodbye to extended hospital stays and embrace the new era of same day hip replacement.

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Browse through educational videos and access resources that cover various topics related to hip and knee replacement.

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