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Change can be a good thing - especially when it comes to joint replacement! Individuals needing hip replacement today have much better options than their grandparents or parents. Most healthy patients who need a new hip can say goodbye to extended hospital stays and embrace the new era of same day hip replacement.

Same day hip replacement is popular with high satisfaction rates and patient benefits. Over 90% of patients report satisfaction with their surgical outcomes and overall experience.1 Patient benefits include less pain, lower infection rates, and early mobility.² Many patients can also benefit financially, with a decrease in extended overnight hospital fees and expenses.

What Is Same Day Hip Replacement?

Same-day hip replacement is where a patient undergoes hip replacement surgery at a hospital or an outpatient surgical facility and is then discharged on the same day or next day to recover at home. Candidates must be in general good health without any major health conditions.

How Is Same Day Hip Replacement Possible?

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery: The Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) hip replacement surgical approach allows the surgeon to access your hip joint through the front of your body, without cutting any muscles, tendons, or nerves, resulting in less pain.
  • Improved Anesthesia: Advanced anesthesia techniques and nerve blocks provide effective pain control, promoting quicker recovery.
  • Enhanced Pain Management: Multimodal analgesia and nerve blocks minimize postoperative discomfort.
  • Rapid Recovery Protocols: Early mobilization, physical therapy, and functional rehabilitation are integrated into same day hip replacement surgery protocols.
  • Robotic Technology: Robotic assistance in joint replacement can enhance the precision of implant placement and longevity, often resulting in less pain.

Preparing for Same Day Hip Replacement

Preparing for Same Day Hip Replacement is crucial to your success. These key factors are a requirement for your surgical experience and recovery:

  • Home Environment: Prepare your home with the necessary aids and supplies for a comfortable and safe recovery. Living on the first floor will be a requirement for the initial part of your recovery. Patients will need help from a family member, caregiver, or friend to assist with daily tasks during the initial recovery period
  • Maximize Strength with Physical Therapy: : Preoperative exercises and physical therapy, known as prehabilitation, should be done prior to surgery to strengthen muscles and improve your mobility. Physical therapy will be introduced directly after your joint replacement to get you mobilized and accelerated throughout your recovery at home.
  • Preoperative & Postoperative Instructions: : Patients must be motivated and understand all required guidelines to prepare for, and recover after surgery. Familiarize yourself with preoperative and postoperative care instructions, including pain management and rehabilitation protocols. Your care team will be in constant communication with you after your hip replacement, as you recover at home.

Same day joint replacement surgery, particularly through the direct anterior approach for hip replacement, presents an excellent alternative to traditional hip surgery. This approach facilitates a quicker recovery allowing patients to get back to an active lifestyle.

AUTHOR: Dr. Christopher W. Palmer, DO is board certified, fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon at Signature Medical Group in Missouri, specializing in robotic assisted hip and knee replacement. Dr. Palmer has specialized training in the Mako SmartRobotics ™ System with a focus on compassionate, individualized patient care.


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